The Turley Ranch
Turley Ranch is located in west central Oklahoma, Roger Mills County.

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The Turley Ranch has implemented an intensive game management program. Our habitat improvements and successful wild quail hunting operation are its heart and soul. If you love the outdoors and are serious about quail hunting and sport shooting, The Turley Ranch is the place to visit.  Our goal is to extend to our patrons an exciting and challenging quail hunting opportunity . We provide quality bred English Pointers. Our courteous, professional, and knowledgeable guides guarantee the best bobwhite quail hunting experience possible.  At the end of the day, you can expect premium accommodations and a fine dining experience. The result is an unforgettable Oklahoma hunting adventure generating memories to share and treasure for a lifetime.  

 Hunting Dogs


All of our knowledgable guides were raised in the area and have worked as full-time employees on the Ranch for years. They ride and drive the property every day of the year. They maintain feeders and water sources and know the game and where they can be found. Our guides are anxious to accommodate in every way.

The Turley Team will provide full attention to your needs and safety but also leave you the freedom to experience your own hunt.


We use tree blinds and mobile ground blinds for the greatest accessibility to the wildlife.  

Food, Lodging, and Transportation

With pleasure, the Turley Ranch provides full meals, lodging and beverages. We will provide all your hunting transportation while here at the Ranch.

Game Dressing

We will assist you at every stage to safeguard your game and arrange processing or mounting of your trophies.


For the Quail hunters, you may use our dogs or bring your own. We can provide night kennels for your dogs.  


The Turley Ranch offers bow hunting during the appropriate seasons.